Why B2B social media should be part of every marketing strategy

I am a millenial. I've been on Facebook for 12 years, I just looked it up. LinkedIn, Instagram, Xing, SnapChat, Pinterest - except for TikTok, I've been through them all. Even though my life no longer takes place to a large extent on social networks, they remain an important part of it. Especially professionally. Especially [...]

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Data-driven marketing explained in under 90 seconds

Data driven marketing is not a sub-discipline of online marketing. Rather, it is a fundamental approach to rethink all previous marketing activities. It is based on the analysis of large amounts of data from which you make predictions and implement them. Correctly applied, the efficiency of marketing increases.   Focus on the data Data are, [...]

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Programmatic Advertising – What you need to know in 2020

There is hardly any way around Programmatic Advertising. In Online Marketing, programmatically purchased and displayed advertisements are currently becoming the industry standard. 2020 will be the year when this vision becomes reality. It is therefore essential to stay on track. Whether you are already familiar with this advertising jungle or have not yet started using [...]

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