99%(1) of marketing decision-makers agree: Data is crucial for success in marketing and sales.

This assumption confirms that 74%(1) already have a complete Martech stack for Data Driven Marketing.

Data Marketing is the future. But not every trend should be trusted blindly. We have therefore analysed the reasons for Data-Driven Online Marketing and put them together for you:

  1. Data helps with customer care. Those who know more about their customers will address them more precisely.
  2. They provide an overview of existing customers. Who buys what and how often? CRM reveals it.
  3. CRM improves customer loyalty. Because you regularly talk to customers via CRM.
  4. How does my customer feel? Data from past touchpoints result in behavior patterns and preferences. With this knowledge you can easily strike the right note in the conversation.
  5. You can easily find new, relevant customers, thanks to look-alike audiences.
  6. With more accurate information, your customer service is more efficient.
  7. Data increases customer satisfaction. Better service, higher satisfaction.
  8. With Predictive Analytics, you can reliably predict behavior. This makes it easier for you to react.
  9. More insights increase your competitiveness.
  10. Data enables you to make faster and better decisions.
  11. You always know all about trends and developments. The data reveals all important topics
  12. More knowledge about customers makes content creation easier. You know exactly what they need.
  13. At the same time, you can develop content that fits better because you can incorporate this data directly.
  14. You don’t scare away interested parties with flat or inappropriate content – instead, you use a precise approach.
  15. Topic planning in content marketing benefits from higher targeting accuracy.
  16. If you understand who you are talking to, your social media strategy will work better.
  17. You will learn how your website is frequented – and where you still have potential.
  18. You will also learn which keywords and questions will help users find your site. This facilitates content optimization.
  19. In campaigns you have lower wastage, because you know who you want to address.
  20. Accordingly, the costs for your campaigns decrease.
  21. At the same time, data allows for significantly higher personalization.
  22. Once you have all the necessary information at hand, you can handle campaigns more efficiently.
  23. Underpin your gut feeling for campaigns with hard facts.
  24. Or refute it and do it better.
  25. Data is the basis of Account Based Marketing.
  26. A marketing automation platform helps to automate repetitive tasks based on a database. This creates time –
  27. and relieves your employees at the same time.
  28. If you use tested systems, data security in your company increases. You can easily comply with data protection standards.
  29. CRM, Marketing Automation and Co. visualize your data simply, quickly and clearly.
  30. No more complicated data analysis – with the right software you have a neat dashboard.
  31. A Data Management Platform (DMP) accelerates the collection, processing and evaluation of relevant data immensely. This not only enables you to make better decisions, but also faster.
  32. A DMP relieves you of the continuous analysis of campaign data.
  33. The more you know about your customers, the better marketing decisions you will make.
  34. A data-driven approach ultimately increases the sales generated by marketing.(2)

And what are your reasons for Data-Driven Online Marketing?


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