We display your content across the Internet, ensuring it is perfectly tailored to your target audience.

Topic targeting

Run On Channel (ROC)
Run On Network (RON)

Your ads on websites and social media channels in the suitable context!

Persona targeting

Run On Data (ROD)

Your ads for prospective online customers – we highlight suitable online business decision-makers, locate them across the Internet and address them directly with your targeted online advertisement!

Stand-alone newsletters

Stand-alone email newsletters remain one of the most powerful advertising tools, enabling you to address a target group, get straight to the point and make a lasting impact. Thanks to our comprehensive B2B database, we can reach your peak target group using HTML newsletters!

Social media ads

In B2B marketing, social media platforms represent effective channels through which you can address your target audience precisely and make a lasting impact. Choose from a range of topics and interests to enable you to address your target audience effectively via various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING or specialist forums.

B2B branding network


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