Intent Data are your marketing multi-tool!

In the last article I presented my best Intent Data application areas.

But that wasn’t the end of the line yet.

That’s why today I’m showing you more ingenious applications for intention-driven data in B2B everyday life:


Personalize mailings

Crystal clear – a personal address converts.

If you haven’t already done so, use clever marketing automation to choose the right topic for your mailings.

Why should the person in charge read the same content as the CFO?

Texts adapted to individual preferences pack much better.


Write the best and most relevant content!

Speaking of selected texts: Intent Data reveals which topics are currently of interest to your target group.

This enables you to identify exactly where the need exists.

Use this knowledge to help them.

And by the way, you can bind these interested parties to your own brand…


More and better leads

Benefit from relevant content: Intentionally optimized content also creates ideal lead magnets.

Use current topics to generate even more leads.

Another advantage: If you address current issues that only you serve, the resulting leads will also be more specific.

And we know:

The more specific the leads, the higher the conversion rate.


Personalize your sales approach

Before you make a sales contact next time, take a look at the most important subjects at Intent Data. The more precisely you adapt this information to your contact person, the better.

Your partner thanks you if you do not use the same trick as the three previous calls…


Intent Data help prioritize leads

If a user sends out many or strong signals online, get on with it!

A high Intent Score is a good characteristic for a purchase intention.

If the user is still browsing anonymously, lead magnets help to obtain their contact data legally.

This is, for example, targeting with a topic-related white paper.

Once the data has accumulated, the sales department will respond promptly. A successful conversion is much more likely than with a regular online user.


Enlarge customer accounts

It’s only logical that you want more customers.

But how often do you work on increasing their individual sales?

Intent Data are also a strong support here.

For existing accounts, they indicate which additional topics they are currently dealing with.

This is the optimal way to plan your second approach.

There is additionally the possibility of “customers also bought…”. With Lookalike Audiences you can draw valuable conclusions about your customers.

They also help you to address your customers successfully.


Intent Data – The B2B Marketing Booster

As you can see, Intent Data provides B2B marketing with lots of new impulses for more success.

No matter which marketing area it is about: Intention-driven data helps to increase efficiency.


On your mark, ready –

Intent Data!

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