About us

Branding, display, leads, content, social media, targeting solutions and much more besides – over the years, the B2B Media Group has made a name for itself throughout Europe as a leading B2B target group marketer. Our data-driven approach serves products well, despite – or perhaps because of – their diversity: our own databaseour own technological solutions (such as the digital marketing suite B2BIQ) and our own specialist content platforms make it possible to address highly-specialised, elite B2B target audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

No matter whether you need display ads shown, qualified leads generated, or specialist content highlighted for business decision-makers, the B2B Media Group has an array of solutions for the challenges posed by contemporary B2B communication. In addition to IT specialists and executives, we make it possible to reliably reach decision makers in the industrial, financial, HR, fleet management and mobility sectors – and more besides. That’s why the B2B Media Group is a preferred partner for companies like Dell, Skoda, Kaspersky, MAN, IBM, Innogy, Hewlett Packard and SAP.

With offices in London, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Würzburg and Augsburg, the B2B Media Group is represented across Europe and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the B2B market.

The team