No matter where we go: Data-driven marketing and Intent Data are the trends in the B2B sector par excellence.

Intention-driven data are anonymous data about online behavior. They provide information about the interest of the users behind them.

Those who evaluate them quickly discover key themes and characteristics. They can be summarized in anonymous user profiles and addressed via targeted marketing activities.

After initial scepticism as to whether figures and data really do improve marketing, more and more marketers and companies are taking the plunge. They are eager to collect data, compile it into new databases, and try to break the much-vaunted silos of data.

But what is the best way to use Intent Data in everyday sales and marketing?

We took a close look at that. Here are our best applications for Intent Data:


Targeted Advertising

The better the targeting, the higher the KPI.

Intent Data provides a wealth of information about your target group. At the same time, you can narrow them down exactly.

The options in targeting are almost unlimited due to the purchase of high-quality third-party data:

Develop campaigns based on the interests of your target group.

Create accurate second and third campaigns that approach the same product from a different perspective.

Customize assets to your preferences.


Personalize your website

If you know what your website visitors are interested in, why not act upon it?

Use Intent Data to create different versions. Depending on your preferences, you always display the page that the user wants to see.

Conversion olé!


Find event hotspots before they emerge

Intent Data is an excellent tool for planning successful marketing events or roadshows.


By analysing the data on regional and local thematic preferences.

Do users have specific needs in a particular (metropolitan) city?

Help them and yourself by planning your themed event there.

So every roadshow can easily become a success.


Automatically convert relevant users to leads

Intent Data allows you to easily identify new, relevant users for your company. By placing a variety of cookies on your website or purchasing them from qualified third parties, you can use appropriate identifiers.

Tailor-made targeting campaigns help to further qualify these users. For example, with a technical article on the subject.

Here you can shine with expertise.

Or with a perfectly fitting e-book or how-to guide.

Great advantage of these lead magnets: Once they have been placed, you regularly convert users to leads via carefully selected traffic.


Generate accurate account lists for your ABM

Collected Intent Data are not only relevant for direct lead generation.

In addition, the Intent Data collected allows insight into the underlying companies.

This is highly exciting – and a wonderful starting point for your Account Based Marketing (ABM)!

If you know which companies are interested in your topics and pages, check whether they are worthy of the account list.

From there, ABM takes you steeply uphill for this Intent Data.

How does it work?

By evaluating various parameters such as interest, activity and user location.

Your ABM team will be happy about the new, unexpected accounts!


Run the entire Account Based Marketing via Intent Data

Spare no effort!

Instead of enriching your Account Lists with Intent Data, you integrate Intent Data into the entire ABM setup.

Determine the Intent Score of all relevant accounts in the twinkling of an eye.

This allows you to address each account according to its current needs.

The most relevant ones are your primary concern.

This is how efficient Nurturing works!


And that’s not all!

Many other Intent Data applications are just waiting to be discovered and implemented.

During the research we found more exciting functions.

So look forward to an upcoming sequel for Intent Data in everyday marketing!


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