No matter whether you have 5,000 or 50,000 EUR at your disposal: Your marketing campaign is doomed to failure if you do not observe certain basic principles. Today we reveal to you

  • which they are,
  • why you cannot do without goals and
  • why these principles are even more important for external cooperation.

Last week we told you a story about failure. In it we show how you can easily make an external campaign a failure. Not only hectic and lack of attention lead to a bad result. While these can still be easily avoided, other success factors also influence the scales.


First things first: Basics, without whom no campaign can succeed

As already mentioned: Lack of time and rash action are rarely beneficial to an activity. However, you can only make limited changes to these issues. Both are also strongly influenced by the general corporate culture.

Especially in a digital and fast moving environment, comprehension is crucial. Understand what you are aiming for with an (external) campaign and how the technology behind it works and talk about it more confidently. In this way you can specify your wishes and requirements more precisely. In addition, this knowledge will help you with campaign difficulties.

Make sure that your colleagues and representatives are on a similar level of knowledge! This is the only way they can compensate for your absence without loss.


Goals, goals, goals!

Without objectives (it’s best to remember the SMART formula), it won’t work. Some examples:

No goals? The campaign fails.

Too many goals? The campaign fails. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the legendary woolly milk pig.

No specific goals? The campaign is failing. It is possible that your counterpart may take a completely different view of the target.

Ideally, you should take enough time once a year to set and define your goals for the next twelve months. You can then set them for each individual measure. In this way, you can put all those involved, especially external partners and service providers, directly on track.

In this way, you minimize well-intentioned adjustments that do not pay off on your desired goal in advance. Ultimately, you will even save costs: On the one hand, you will skip campaigns that are currently less important. On the other hand, you implement your campaigns with an exact purpose even more precisely.


Campaigns with external service providers require special care

All of these points apply all the more if you conduct your marketing activities together with a service provider. Why? These partners do not work continuously in or for your company. Therefore they do not have the same level of knowledge as you and draw different conclusions. So make sure you get them on board! If possible, take additional time to present basic goals and values. In this way, you enable service providers to better adapt and implement your campaigns to your wishes.

Most likely, your partner will ask you about your company’s most important goals and business objectives on a regular basis anyway. What may seem annoying at first sight has a simple purpose: to help you achieve even more success with your external campaigns. In the end, the actual campaign budget is irrelevant. A good partner will be able to show you sensible measures for almost any sum.

If you create the right foundations and have clear goals in mind, you can only benefit:
Both you and external service providers know what is at stake.
Getting bogged down is no longer an option.
You know exactly where and how to use your marketing budget wisely.

And how do you make your external campaigns successful?

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